Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday B!!!!

Well, it's official. . . I am the mother of a 1 YEAR OLD! So hard to believe. But, he's still my baby. I love this kiddo. When we heard him waking up, we got the video camera and sang happy birthday as we walked in to his room. He got very happy and jazzy while we sang and then he whined for more. We took his jammies off to get him ready for his special birthday breakfast, which he thoroughly enjoyed and ate all up so he could have some seconds. Of course, he got the traditional birthday breakfast toppings on his blueberry pancake. . . cherry pie filling and ice cream. Yum yum. Then he opened his gifts and said goodbye to Daddy who had to go work and then take a final. But, the fun's not over! No, no. Tonight we're inviting a bunch of friends over for cake and ice cream and to sing to our little man. So, if you didn't get the message and you're reading this, come over at 6!

and TOMORROW WE GO TO UTAH!!! Woot Woot!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Car Update

Well, we finally heard the news today. The car was indeed totaled.  The good news is that it was valued at a higher price than we expected, especially since this is the same car that was nearly totaled about 6 years ago in a parking lot. This car must have just been an extra attractive target when stopped. Thank goodness I wasn't even in the car last time though.

I have mixed feelings about the news. . . I'm truly going to miss that vibe. She's been mine since I was 16 and I really really loved her! But, I also think it's time to get a car that can be our car. Preston always referred to the vibe as "YOUR car."  So now we can start fresh with OUR first car. I hope I can love it as much as I loved the vibe and that it will be able to fit my harp so nicely too :)

But, for now, we'll just enjoy our rental for 2 more days before we leave for Utah!! Woohoo!!

Also, I must mention the special occasion tomorrow. . . BRAYDEN'S BIRTHDAY!!! I still can't believe it, but I'm so excited. I have to make his birthdays just as special as I always thought  mine were. We have our special birthday breakfast ingredients, some good gifts and we'll have some cake, ice cream and good company. Should be fun!