Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My little baby's all grown up!

Two things.

First, Brayden is taking steps on his own and enjoying it! YAY!! Finally! This is the boy who has been "walking" around with his Mommy for about 6 months now. He's taken up to 3 steps several times, and the longest he's gone was about 15 steps!! That's a lot folks! So, go Brayden go!

Second is just a story that I HAVE to share because it was just too cute and so Brayden! We went to the new playground in the Governor's Square Mall last week with a couple other ladies and their kids and it was so fun. Brayden wasn't sure what to do at first and seriously sat in the same spot watching all the other kids for about 10 minutes. But, that's not really the story. The story is the slide. Yes, Brayden went down the slide all by himself! First, I let him climb up the stairs by himself, spotting him just to be sure and then I ran around so I'd be at the top of the slide with him, but he's so smart and turned around like he was going down stairs and pushed himself into position going backwards on his tummy. He sat there gripping the plastic top of the slide as hard as he could until he let out a huge squeal as he decided to let go. HAHA. I totally didn't give this story justice, but it was so adorable and funny and very Brayden. He's the daredevil, but he always screams when he's being daring. Did I ever mention that he did 10 pull-ups? Like, for real. We have a bar in our laundry room and Preston held him up to it one time and Brayden started pulling himself up. He'd go all the way and then let himself back down. Every time Preston would give him a little push in the bootie, he'd pull himself up again until  he was squealing each time and getting shaky like you or I would. Definite muscle man here.