Thursday, March 12, 2009

There are more important things than blogging ....

I know, I know ... what could be more important than blogging?? In my life, what's NOT more important than blogging :) Anyway, sorry it's been a while.

First things first ...

I never posted the pictures from Valentines Day. I only have pictures of the cute breakfast that my most wonderful husband made me, but that was the best part anyway!

So, not only did he cut out all those letters and make me heart-shaped pancakes, but he also bought me a recipe book full of quick recipes! If you look closely, the recipe book has a yellow plate on the cover .... do you see it? So, we have that EXACT yellow plate in our cupboard!! Isn't that weird??

So ... the number 1 thing that's more important than bloggin is spending time with my one and only true love, Preston. (side note ... as I was just typing I spelled "Preston" wrong ... I just thought it was funny that my one and only true love was "Presotn" ... yeah ... I guess it's not really that funny any more.)

The next thing that's more important than blogging is my crazy little puppy. We just love her and she makes us laugh so much ... almost as much as she makes us cry :) hehe. Just jokin. Anyway, so Sadie's getting bigger and bigger, although I couldn't tell for a while. She still likes to chew things, but she's now moved onto the walls ... great! She chews the corners ALL THE TIME! I guess she really doesn't like her food if she likes wood that much. But, we did find this cool "bitter spray" to make animals not want to chew certain things.

This picture was actually taken a while ago ... she's gotten better about the whole book chewing thing. But, this is Preston's adolescent development book with no more index or glossary. :)

Sadie also really LOVES going outside and bugging our neighbors. She loves kids and other dogs, so anytime she can escape, she takes off to play. Sometimes we chase her around the neighborhood and sometimes we just give up and wait for her because she always comes back. The neighbor kids all seem to know her now and sometimes ask us to let her play, so that's a little comforting to us. But, since she loves outside so much, we started only taking her out on a leash during the day and letting her out late at night when neighbors can't be bothered. She seems okay with it and still loves to play out there. She usually finds a rock or stick that makes a great toy. Something about chewing those rocks is just so tempting to her (again ... is there something wrong with her food?). She likes to bring souvenirs in with her, usually a rock or stick. She did bring a pincone in the other day and decided to chew it in the best possible spot ... our bed! Pretty much we slept in pinecone crumbs. Of course, it's our own fault that we happened to not make the bed that day (we ALWAYS make the bed ... except that day).

So, I wasn't too worried about it when I heard Sadie crunching something when she came in on night last week until I saw feathers. Yes, I saw feathers because her souvenir of the day was a bird's skeleton! I don't know where she found it, but here it is:

The only thing I could tell myself is "at least it's not alive!" It just makes it a little less sad when the whole bird isn't there. BUT ...

This is what she brought back 2 nights later!!!!

Poor birdie ... :(

I do love my little Sadie pup. I just have to post about all the crazy things she does because those are the main things I take pictures of for some reason. But, here's a couple more normal ones that I have. She is the cutest cuddle pup when she's not hyper and she just lays in your lap or gives you kisses. She's been a great addition to our family!

The final things that are more important than blogging are school and friends. I don't really want to think about school any more than I have to (even though it is important and I enjoy it ... most of the time), but I have some great friends!! Last Friday was pretty fun. First of all, I got to teach the SFL 399 R class because my boss/the teacher was out of town. It was pretty cool. The lesson was about how to handle a bad day and I heard some pretty good "bad day" experiences. I only mention that because I have a few friends in that class, including Audra. Who happened to invite me to go to lunch with her and Heidi. She had these great coupons for a free sandwich at Arby's if you buy a drink. It was like a whole meal for less than $2! So good! Plus the company was great!! The car ride was pretty great too ... Audra's car struggles a little and almost died in several intersections. Always an adventure! Heidi and I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm sure Audra didn't like it so much. It was just great to catch up though! Thanks Audra and Heidi!

Pretty much I have the greatest life and am so blessed with a great husband, puppy, friends and education. And sometimes life gets in the way and I don't have a chance to blog. But, I'm not really going to do anything to change that because some things just ARE more important than blogging!