Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let The Games Begin

The football season has begun!! These are from our first game. The coolest picture is the one with Cosmo! Especially because just before that, he had pointed at Preston's shirt from the field and gave a thumbs up! Anyway, yay for football and go Cougs!

Yay for Cosmo

Travis and Katy

Haha, Rob came with us to the game even though he goes to the U and is definitely a U fan. But, notice that he's wearing blue! :)

First Anniversary!!

We made it a whole year!! YAY :) Unfortunately, on our actual Anniversary, we didn't have much time to do something super exciting, but I took Preston on a scavenger hunt for a few gifts: a swimsuit (one he had lost on one of our trips), a book of our life together, and a DVD of all the things we've done in the last year. And of course, I was waiting at the end of the scavenger hunt in my wedding dress for good time's sake :) After that we just went to the Olive Garden and saw Iron Man at the dollar theater. It was funny because my grandparents were actually at the same movie, but we didn't see them until after. Then we stopped for frosties on the way home cuz ice cream is the best way to end a good date! When we got home, Preston had an invitation waiting for me on our stairs for a formal dinner on friday. Well, it actually said the 27th which was wednesday ... but, that got cleared up :) So, on Friday we got all dressed up and went to a candlelit dinner at his parents house where his mom served us. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the table or anything, but it was beautiful. After dinner, he informed me that he had a surprise, so when we got home, we got our wedding cake top and went out to the car where he told me that he was taking me to the Anniversary Inn! So, off we went. It was an awesome room!! You'll see the pictures, but it really was a fun room. I liked the shower curtain the best. It was on a pulley so it was like a sail when you opened it. So cool!! Anyway, it was a good year and a great celebration!

our Anniversary (August 25th). You can kind of see the book of our life together that was one of the gifts for Preston.

In the car on our way to our formal dinner

After dinner

The rose petals all over the floor

This is the view you get as you walk into the room.

The fake birds hanging in the room :)

The mop that they had in the room ... haha

Preston driving the ship

Peeking out of the shower curtain that was the coolest thing ever!

Pouring the drinks :) ... sparkling cider that is

Our flutes filled with kisses

Leaving the Anniversary Inn. Until next year ... maybe?