Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots and Lots

So much to catch up on!

1) Capn' Crunch & the Berry-Tones (for now)

This is Preston's barbershop group's name ... for now ... I htink they have a goal of changing their name every time they perform or something. But, this one has lasted for 2 performances. Soon to be 3. Preston's still enjoying singing with his group. They're doing their own little show tonight. It will only be about 30 minutes to an hour because they just don't have that much material yet. But, at least they have fun! Here's some pictures of them from the competition in Vegas:

They were supposed to take a "funny" picture ... I guess Johnny's the only funnny one :)

2) More little Babies!

I got to go see Holly in the hospital the day after Charlie was born. Oh the power of Visiting Teachers. :)

visiting Holly was probably much more meaningful than when we offered to take her dinner 2 days later and ended up bringing her rolls, salad and $20 for whatever they wanted. We learned a very valuable lesson that day ... don't leave your pyrex pan on your car in the rain ... even to open the door ... there's a good chance it will slip right off and give the pavement a nice dinner. :) That's right, we were on our way to Holly's house with a chicken broccoli casserole that smelled amazing when it fell off the car and was pretty much not salvagable. I should have taken a picture of THAT!


Preston and I have been lucky enought to go to at least one session every conference since we started dating and we didn't break our tradition now. We went to the Sunday morning session and it was a beautiful day! There were so many talks that I felt were written for me. So, it was overall a great expereince!

4) Not-so-little Sadie

Sadie still has the energy equal to 10 of me. She is a handful sometimes, but she's always so funny! Yesterday she enjoyed ripping up the plastic that my "Alumn Y" t-shirt was in. I had just pulled it out and left the plastic on the bed. Sadie started ripping it up when I sat down to look at the other graduation stuff I picked up yesterday. I just let her keep going because, let's be honest, there are much worse things she could spend her time ripping. She wasn't eating it, just tearing so I figured she wouldn't choke or anything. Anyway, once the plastic was just about as torn as I thought it could get, the whole bed was covered with little plastic pieces. When I started picking them up Sadie looked at me and then pounced on the plastic I was trying to get. This was quite the fun game for her. I looked at her after she pounced on some and we had a little stare down just before I threw the rest of the little pieces in the air so they rained down on her. That made her even more happy! We spent a good 20 or 30 minutes playing with the plastic and I was laughing so hard. Sadie is so silly and I just love her.

Sadie did something I never thought I'd see her do yesterday too ... she jumped in the tub by herself!! She is not the biggest fan of baths to say the least, but yesterday after Katie showered, I was getting ready to take a shower myself and Saide started sniffing the tub. I watched as she started licking the water from the edge and then hopped right in! She licked the floor of the tub a little and then I called Preston in so he could see. Right as he was getting there, she accidentally nocked over a small bottle of shampoo, which scared her nearly to death! She tried to jump out so fast that she fell right over in the wet, slippery tub and had to squirm her way out. What a traumatic ending. I hope she'll still do it again someday and discover that water and baths are not so bad!

Of course she has her share of bad behavior still too. On Easter Sunday we came home to a big mess. Not only had Sadie decided to have her "heavy duties" all over the hall (they can never be in one spot ... she likes to walk while she takes care of business), but apparently she had run all around the hall and tracked poopy prints all through the house. We cleaned the mess up as best we could, but ran out of carpet cleaner just before we got to the last one. We decided to buy a Spot Bot the next day for FHE and have a cleaning party as our activity, which just sounded like it would make everything better. The Spot Bot was "free" because we still had some gift cards to Bed, Bath and Beyond which made us even more happy! We used the Bot on the last spot that we hadn't had enough cleaner for the night before. I'll say this ... the Bot works great, but when your carpets are already black (like ours were when we moved in) it leaves one clean spot in the midst of dirty carpet. I'd say that's much more noticeable than a dirty spot on dirty carpet. It's pretty terrible :) Next step ... clean the carpet!

5) Concerts, concerts, concerts

Between Preston and I (mostly Preston) we've had performances every week for the past 7 weeks at least! I don't have pictures of everything, but I do have a couple from Preston's Men's Chorus concert a couple weeks ago. I was really bummed that I didn't take my camera to my harp concert! This is the only concert I don't have pictures of from the past 8 semesters that I've played! My mom took some, so I'll just have to get those.

On our way out, we passed this poster, which Steve and Mumsy thought would make a great picture :)

6) Liz's farewell!

Liz is now in the MTC. It's so crazy how life just keeps progressing. Just two years ago Liz, Ka and I were crazy college roomies. Now Liz is serving a mission, I'm graduating and Ka is a mommy! Wow. Anyway, it was way fun to see so many friends there!


Liz's farewell was actually on Easter, so that was a part of it. It was fun to share a special day with both family and friends! Preston and I decided to decorate Easter eggs Saturday night just before 12:00pm. So, Preston ran to the store on our way home from his Men's Chorus concert and we stayed up late to get them all done. My family was having another egg race, and we didn't want to be the only ones who were unprepared. Anyway, we only made 6 eggs since it was late, but we had fun doing it! In the morning, Preston had hid our 6 little eggs and replaced them with candy in the basket that we had. I got to find all the eggs before we rushed out to make it to Liz's farewell. I rushed out so quickly that I left all the eggs! I didn't realize until we were in Salt Lake, so we figured we'd just end up being the unprepared ones for the race and not worry about it. After the farewell, we spent the afternoon with Preston's parents playing some boardgames. We then headed off to my grandparent's house for Easter dinner. It was pretty tastey! My mom's family is VERY social and spends way more time talking then they ever plan for, so we didn't end up getting out for the egg race until the sun was going down. We were happy that we weren't the only ones without eggs, but most people had brought their own. My mom brought some extras, but they weren't decorated or anything. we used some stickers to "decorate" them super fast. They were nowhere near as cute as the ones we made on Saturday! But, they still worked. Preston's egg came in 2nd or 3rd place out of about 20, so that was pretty good. I didn't do so great, but at least mine didn't break!

Lance decided to try something new this year in an attempt to win :) Golf clubs, it turns out, are not the best thing to hit an egg with if you want it to stay in one piece.


Preston wrote his valedictorian speech over the weekend and he's taking his last final as I type. I finished my last one yesterday and had the most amazing feeling walking out of the testing center even though I didn't do as well as I hoped. It doesn't matter any more. I'm done! YAY! This is kind of a random picture from my last day of class in my Honors 202 class (history basically). It's pretty neat because Brother Duvall will bring old books from the Special Collections to every class and we get to pass them around to see. For the last class, he brought some kind of random stuff, but it was really cool. He brought a window pane with broken glass that is from Hitler's house in Germany, some other books, and an Emmy (or Grammy?) award. I can't even remember who it belonged to ... I had never heard of him :) but, I did get a picture holding the award! I can't wait to graduate! Tomorrow will be cool to hear from President Uchtdorf and Elder Nelson! Then Friday, Preston and I will have our ceremony at 2:00pm where he'll give his valedictorian speech and I get to accompany a musical number that I arranged a harp part for (with some help from my teacher!) and there will be a bunch of graduates singing, including Preston! It's a song that one of the faculty members wrote, which is pretty cool.

Whew ... are you still reading? I'm impressed if you made it all the way through this post in one sitting! It may as well be a novel!