Saturday, September 11, 2010

That's what I call bargain shopping!

Before we left for Florida, we had a garage sale so that we didn't have to take some of our furniture and random nicknacks. It was a HUGE success! As a whole, the sale made about $600, but some of that was for Preston's mom and cousin. So we got about $500 :D That was now our furniture budget when we got to Florida. I have been thrilled with what we've been able to get on our little budget. So thrilled that I just have to share with everyone :) So here's the pictures & prices so you can get as excited as me about all these craigslist bargains!!

hide-a-bed couch: $100

This was a bit more pricey of a purchase, but they were asking $200, so we still got a good deal :D I LOVE this couch. So comfortable, good lookin, and it's a bed! Awesome.
Radio Flyer rocking horse: $40
This will be Brayden's main birthday present ... Shhh ... don't tell.
High Chair: $10
walker: $20
this was only used twice and their son hated it. So, lucky Brayden gets a practically new one for half the price.
Futon bed/couch: $15

Can you believe it?? 15 BUCKS!!! Equally as unbelievable is that we drove this home on top of our car. . . it was quite the sight.
two bookshelves, a desk and a loveseat: $50

The desk isn't great, but it will work. The bookshelves are is great condition and really sturdy. Plus, they look great with our computer cart (purchased before we left for $10 at Target). The couch is in great shape too, but unfortunately wreaked of smoke until we sprayed it down several times with Vamoose. It really works!

shelves for games: $20
Kitchen table plus some: $85

The table came with 2 leaves and 4 chairs. Plus, she threw in a couple random plastic bins, a rug and a kitchen cabinet.

washer & dryer: $150

They work great and we are happy to have our own :)

Lawn mower: $40


Now, that's what I call bargain shopping!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 Month Old Brayden

Little B turned 9 months today - the 9th day of the 9th month :D hehe. Kinda cool. Worth a blog post evidently. I didn't actually get a great picture of him today, but I'll put one up anyway. Along with some others to remember his fun life so far :) I love my little man!!