Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Does anyone else's computer put pictures in backwards? Every time I upload any pics they end up at the beginning instead of the end. I usually remember and just put them in backwards, but this time I forgot, so you get to see everything from the most recent events to the oldest :)

DAN'S OPEN HOUSE- Sunday August 9, 2009

Big Group Picture

Me and Preston

WEDDING RECEPTIONS - Friday August 7, 2009
Stephanie & Jared

David & Caitlyn's wedding

Preston dancing with Grandma ... I hate it when people's heads get in the way right as you snap a picture. Oh well, at least you can still see the cute couple :)

LAKE POWELL - July 26-August 2
Preston's post-Powell look ... very nice honey :D

Full Powell shot right before changing to go home.

CALIFORNIA-Carlsbad, June 28 - July 8
Relaxing on the beach

Family Dinner at the Norte

Me and Preston outside the most beautiful temple in the world!
Dan got his endowments out in San Diego and this is a picture from right after that.

More Beaching!

Good ol' boogie boarding

Dan holding up the envelope

So much anticipation!!


Happy with his call to New York, New York Spanish Speaking

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Move

So far in our 2 years of married life, we've moved 4 times. It gets kind of old sometimes :) We just left the place that we stayed in the longest (10 months!) which we really loved, but we thought the move would be for the better. We're still not in a permanent place, but we came up to my parent's basement to save some money while we apply for grad schools and wait to see if Preston gets hired with Seminary or not. That would be one of the reasons I haven't kept up on blogging. We've also been on a couple more trips, which I will be posting pictures of soon. We had to unpack really fast so that we could host an open house after Dan's farewell yesterday for some of his friends. Now we have some down time to do things like blogging :)