Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spoon feeding

Brayden ate his first bowl of cold cereal this morning all by himself and ate his own yogurt for lunch! He's very excited about using his own spoon, so he didn't even finish his scrambled eggs at breakfast or his hotdog for lunch! He just wanted to eat with a spoon. Here's a little video from lunch.


We're having a boy! Yes, a BOY. I was totally wrong! I couldn't have been more convinced it was a girl. But, surprisingly I haven't felt any bit of disappointment. In fact, as I pondered about this surprising news I felt so strongly that we have a girl waiting to come to our family. A very special girl. And I really mean that I can feel something so so special about my little girl. I guess that's why I thought it was a girl- I felt so strongly that I have one coming. Just not yet. But, I can still feel that excitement and anticipation for when she comes.

For now, it will be me and my men. . . soon to be more men. But, I couldn't ask for a better man by my side or a better little man running around. So, with my luck so far, I have another great little man inside. And now that I know that it's a boy, it just sort of feels right. Like that's how it needs to be. The more I think about it the more glad I am that Heavenly Father is in charge because he knows what's best for our family. I can't wait to meet my new little guy and get into a good routine with two kids, but I have a feeling he'll be another busy child. He was moving around a bunch during the ultrasound today. Every time they were able to measure one thing, he had completely turned around. Even finding the heartbeat only lasted a second. He looks healthy and normal though, so that's more good news!

The only bad news is that they moved my due date back one week.  The new date is August 21st. But, I'm guessing that he'll come about a week early like Brayden, so hopefully he'll be here before then. Anyway, we're excited about our news and just wanted to share!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who's ready for the beach next week?

I am!! Oh, and Brayden :)

Checking himself out in the mirror. I love his little stance on his toes.

Only 5 more days until Mumsy comes to visit and we spend spring break at the beach and Disney World!!!


Brayden wanted to eat his mixed grain cereal all by himself today. It was messy, but he did a good job!!

The Damage (not too bad, right?)

Now the real question. . . is he right handed or left handed??

And when the cereal's gone, of course we should put the oranges in there.
 Getting them out was the hard part.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Little Clogger

As mentioned in the previous post, Brayden enjoys watching his Daddy clog on our wood floors and tries so hard to mimic. It's just too cute not to share! These are his new shoes, so he looks more unsteady sometimes, but they make a louder noise than his soft soul shoes.