Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Party in the Park

We go to the park every Wednesday morning with some ward friends and since it's Easter we decided to have a little Easter party while we were there. It was low key but tons of fun!  I should've taken pictures of the food, but you'll just have to picture it :) We had egg shaped PB&J sandwiches, bunny shaped egg salad sandwiches, celery with peanut butter and raisins, chips, fruit and little decorations on the table. After the kids played, we had a little egg hunt and there were puzzles pieces hidden in some of them, so they got to put the puzzle together too. Lots of fun! Thanks everyone for the planning!

Smiling at the bubbles

Getting ready to go hunting

Found one!

Going through eggs, looking for puzzle pieces

One piece was missing, but it's still obvious that the puzzle is
Christ.  What Easter's really all about!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorite March Pictures

As many pictures as there are here, I think I did a pretty good job at weeding out my favorites! Now you can see our month in review!

Feeding Daddy our homemade cherry vanilla frozen yogurt mix.

Baby Shower goods that I got to work on! Love sewing projects! Easy ones that is :)

 Disney/Universal trip
packing up for Orlando

Waiting for our bus. Brayden was so excited that he got to ride on a bus!!

 St. Patty's Day!
We had a pretty typical day, but we went to Beef O' Brady's for dinner and they had a bounce house and face painting for free! It was so fun! Brayden loved it!!
Green shamrock pancakes

Stopped for dessert on our way home :)

  My mom was with us for a couple weeks and got to hear me speak in church one Sunday. These are from when we got home. It was past Brayden's naptime, so it was tough getting a good one, but it's not bad!

playing games!

Zander's thrilled that he gets to hold the phone. haha. Confession: he does know how to work one app on our iPod already: Peek-a-boo barn. 

Loves his food!!

Brayden with the "Big Phone" as he called it. (really the iPad)

 The mall Playground
we go every now and then when Preston has late class and I want to entertain/wear out the kids. Zander loves the slide and if I set him at the top he'll scoot himself backwards and down the slide. Haha.

 Yard Work. The bandanas are for keeping their heads cool, but I think they look super cute too!!

We found this guy in our house one night.

Our current yard situation. Lovely, right?

handsome kiddo!