Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Brother

Here's a few pictures of our little Zan Man. He's been a good baby, but really doesn't sleep that much during the day. He does great at night though, unless he has bubbles that won't come out. Which, unfortunately, is more often than we'd like. He's looking more and more like Brayden as he gets older, but still has his own look too. We love him so much!

He's such a smiler and has been laughing on occasion since he was 1 week old. Happy little boy :) I'm pretty sure he stays up during the day due mostly to his noisy big brother. But, he seems happy enough. I guess he doesn't need as much sleep as some babies.


This kid can hold his head up for several minutes now! So strong!
4 WEEKS- yesterday
first real bath. he didnt cry at all. 
learning from big brother
a little smile. he has another smile that is to die for!
I love that he's smiling in this one!

Today during some tummy time Zander started fussing, so I helped him roll over and roll back to his tummy. Next thing I know, Brayden's right next to him rolling around :) what a good teacher.

Big Brother

Brayden's still being a champion big brother. Here's a few pictures to see what he's up to! Some of these are from the week before Zan Man was born.


And so it begins. Another season of college football. I just have to preface this by saying that I do enjoy sitting and watching the games with Preston. That being said, I don't often get to sit and watch anything  these days unless the boys are asleep. Preston was teasing me about how I used care about football and now I don't seem to want to watch ever. Just to prove him wrong (even though he's right) I made sure to dress the kids in football attire and even made football shaped pancakes for breakfast. So, even though football is no longer my ideal way to spend free time and our only together time as a family, here's to the start of another great season!

Brayden helping with Saturday chores (in his BYU jersey)

yeah, some of the pancakes look more footballish than others.