Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Decision Down

We decided to take the seminary offer to student teach again. Yay! One less decision to make! Decisions we still have to make:

Where should we live?
Where should Preston work?
Where should Angie work?
When should we really start looking for jobs since we have several vacations soon?
and lots of little decisions ....

But, at least we have somewhat of a plan for now. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest Seminary News

Preston went to teach seminary yesterday and was really surprised when Brother Linford and Brother Valinga came to observe him.  No one has observed him since the first hiring round and he was under the impression that no one was going to! He said it really threw him off more than usual because all he could think was that they're trying to fill a couple more spots and this is his last shot ... talk about pressure! Unfortunately the lesson didn't go as well as Preston hoped, but he said it still wasn't bad.  They didn't have much time to talk after class, but they asked him how he felt that it went.  On their way out, brother Lindford told him that he and brother Mortensen (the two pre-service teachers at BYU) had decided that they wanted to invite Preston to come back in the fall to student teach!! That doesn't happen very often!! Even when people ask, they don't always let them come back! So, we're still talking about it and then he'll get back to them.  So far, we haven't felt a lot of direction in regards to our future and just keep feeling like we need to wait.  This option feels pretty good, so maybe this is what we've been waiting for.  We still want to be sure about it, so no decision has been made, but we're both feeling pretty positive.  

The only question I have is if this means that he's not going to get hired for sure, or if they just want to make sure that Preston doesn't move on just yet.  If it was for sure that Preston wasn't getting hired this summer, then why would brother Valinga, who travels the nation for CES, take his time to come observe Preston again?  So, for now, I guess we have one more option to calculate into our future plans and we'll see where life takes us!! I just know that this is a good sign.  They don't invite you back if they don't think you'll have a really good chance of getting hired in the end.  Plus, now Preston's been through the whole process so that when a spot opens up in the middle of Fall, etc. he can pick it up.  Who knows, but we still have hope for seminary! 


Well, it's taken me long enough to get around to posting about graduation that I considered not even worrying about it, but then I remembered what a glorious thing it was and decided it's still worth blogging about! 

Preston and I both graduated with our bachelors degrees on April 23 and 24.  It was just great!  I found out that the School of Family Life (Preston's school) had a separate convocation from the rest of the College of Family Home and Social Sciences (where my School of Social Work was).  Since Preston had to speak and all, I just decided to go to his graduation and walk there.  It was a good decision I think :)  It went pretty quick and it was fun because we were both involved in the convocation. Preston gave his valedictorian speech (which went REALLY well!) and I got to accompany a song that one of the faculty had written with a harp part that I arranged. I got a little help from my former teacher :)  Preston also got to be one of the singers in the song, so that was fun too!  I was so proud of Preston because he's so talented and does well in everything! His speech was amazing, as we all knew it would be.

We went to lunch with Preston's family before graduation and then we got to go to dinner with them after graduation too!  My family was there as well, but they had to get back up north after pictures so they didn't stay for dinner.  It was just an all around great day! I've been asked several times since then if I'm a student and for the first time in a really really really long time I have to say no! It's kinda crazy!  I'm so excited to have a year off though before going back to grad school ... assuming that will work out! 

Anyway, here's some pictures to enjoy! (My computer uploads picture backwards, so they're all in reverse order ... oh well, you probably can't really tell when they were taken anyway!)