Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 in Review

This year I'm trying out an idea that I got on pinterest - writing down funny/momentous things that happen during the year and putting them into our "2012 jar."  But, I was remembering how much has happened this last year that I thought maybe I should try and pick my brain for a few things from 2011. Here's some I've come up with:

-Brayden got a tiny cast on (and then off of course)
-We got a free pretzel at Disney World just because we asked for one (we were actually jokin around, but we didn't turn it down!)
-We found a full on cockroach baked into a grilled chicken that my mom bought us from somewhere (I figure I shouldn't spread bad things around about the actual place. . . especially because we like it a lot!) They asked to keep the cockroach, but sent us with the old chicken and a whole new one as well. We cut around where the cockroach had been and still ate it :)
-Brayden moved into a toddler bed
-Zander was born!
-Preston's parents came to visit

Yeah, I couldn't think of a ton of the really good details, but there's a couple :) Can't wait for next year when it'll all be written down so I can share some good stuff!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Pictures

I fell off the the edge of the blogging world, but have returned with some great pictures. While in Utah we got pictures with Preston's family and my family as well. I don't have the CD from the Brown's yet, but here's some from the Doxey shoot. 

Also, since the last post:
  • Brayden turned 2! (not gonna lie. . . he got a little gipped this year. We were gonna celebrate in Utah, but it never happened. We did do a few special things on his actual birthday though)
  • Zander has rolled over a couple more times
  • we had CHRISTMAS!!!
  • Spent 3 weeks in Utah
  • Me and the kiddos had a girls getaway in San Diego with my Mom, Sister and Grammy.