Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drab to Fab. . . or something like that

I got a new summer haircut today! It's been getting so hot and it feels much better to not have so much hair. Plus, it was just time for a change. So here it is - the before and after.


Don't mind the fact that I didn't take time to do my hair today. . .

It looks even better (if you can imagine!) without that silly line from a clip going through my hair.

And the Baby Bump just for kicks. (24 Weeks!)

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Cast is Off!

I took Brayden in yesterday to get his cast cut off! The X-ray looked good and they said to be a little careful (no soccer matches. . . darn) but that he should be fine walking around on it and everything. He also mentioned that it would probably take a day or two for Brayden to get back to normal with walking, but after holding my hand to the car he was ready to take off on his own! There's no slowing him down! He's very resilient and I just love him. He also got a much needed bath after 2 1/2 weeks with no soaping him up.

On a different note, I went into the doctor's yesterday too and they said everything looks fine (as usual) and sent me on my way. So, yay for another healthy baby boy so far! He moves all the time and I can feel how big he's getting! My ribs aren't ready, but they'll manage I'm sure :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Rest of the Easter Pics



The Easter gifts from Mumsy (we really didn't do anything for Brayden this year besides the egg hunt on Saturday. . . next year I guess)

reading books with Daddy in the morning

Trying out his new Crocodile Dentist game. He wanted it to snap on him! When a tooth wouldn't make it shut, he'd try to force it closed :D

Ooh.... looks good. 

Handsome boy half dressed.

He wrapped the monkey around his neck with it's velcro hands. He LOVES this monkey and will walk around with it hanging off of him at home too.

Easter Outfit!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Our cute coordinated Easter outfits :) Unfortunately Brayden was just ready to go home after church, so this was the best we could do!

Happy Easter!! We had a ton of fun this weekend! We hosted an Easter party on Saturday with an egg hunt, food and homemade pinata! It turned out so fun! I'll add those pictures later because I forgot to get them from the memory card and Preston took the camera to school today.

But, Sunday we got to go to another Easter egg hunt and dinner that was also a blast! Thanks Amy and Mikael for inviting us! I do have those pictures, so enjoy!

Brayden LOVED the dogs. We left him by the door while we went and got food and he was laughing the cutest laughs every time one of the three dogs would come up to the door. He would squeal and giggle. SO CUTE!

Starting the egg hunting

He got the concept of pick the egg up, put it in the basket.

But, he also got the concept of open the egg and eat candy. Here's B trying to get Daddy to open his egg while Daddy tries to get B to put it in the basket. Battle of the wills - Brayden won and got to eat a skittle.

a hidden orange egg that we MIGHT have helped point out. 

Toss it in the basket

pull another egg out to see what candy is in there. I ate half and Brayden ate half :D

Our cute, gimp legged, chocolate faced Easter boy!


Another dog in a truck that Brayden couldn't resist. He liked the dogs much better than the eggs :D

Playing chase with Amy and her dad. He wore them both out and still asked for  more.

Petting the frog that we found. I picked it up so Brayden could see it and for some reason it seemed like a good idea to put it on Brayden's head. He loves putting things on his head. It was right as he was reaching up to get it off that I realized the frog had no other way down than to fall. Oops. But, Brayden loved it and the frog seemed ok after. He started hopping away :D