Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Growing up, sickness round 3 and travels

so much for the new blogging plan, but I do still like the idea. I've just been busy. With what? Well. . .

1. My boys, who are growing up so fast!

2. My SICK boys who have a 3rd round of the stinkin common cold. I don't know how much more of this I can handle. If you have sick children, please keep them away!! No offense.

3. We've been on the go constantly. After we were in Orlando with Preston's parents, we went back to Orlando (where we went to the pool) for a conference Preston went to. 3 days after that, we took a flight to Columbus Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with my sister's family and her in-laws. Now we're home for another week and a half before heading off to Utah for nearly a month!

That's the nutshell of what we've been up to, but here's some more details for whoever may be interested.


watching some birds from our porch in Orlando.

snuggling tigger

Brayden's biggest update is his growing vocabulary. He said "no" for the first time while we were in Orlando for the conference and now he says it regularly. It's still in the cute phase. Besides that, here's a list of my favorite words he says:
Down (da-oon)
Please (dees)
Me (while he points at someone else :) )
food (foof)
phone (voof)
Flower (fuf fuf)
Butterfly (buf fuf)
Bye (bah-ee)
Amen (men)
Sadie (Dee)
Binky/Blanky (hard to type. . . closest to guk)
Ah oh
Oops (ops)
All done (nan nan)
Milk (uk)
Dad (dada)
Mom (mum mum)
Bless (dess)
Yellow (yeyow)
Black (bak)
Green (een)
pink (gik)
Blue (boo with a slight s sound at the end)
and the word that he uses for anything he can't actually say (Dus)

In addition to his words (which may not be a good representation of how clear he does say a lot of things) he can identify any letter of the alphabet and make basically all of their sounds. X is funny because he makes a K sound and then an S sound. Z is also funny because he ends up spitting while he does it. R sounds more like a growl for now. L is still not quite there, but otherwise he'll tell you all the sounds! He can also pick out numbers 1-10 and count to 5 (sometimes). His favorite way of counting is 1, 2, 3, 2.

Brayden's also getting better at timeout. More like I'm getting more consistent with it :) He gets to sit where his laundry basket goes and stay there for 2 minutes (or until we say he's done) and then go give a hug and say sorry for whatever the case may be (usually hitting). He's got the routine down now. Earlier today he hit at Zander and I gave him my best intimidating look and said "did you just hit Zander?" We happened to be in his room, so he just walked to the laundry basket, moved it and sat down. hehe. He doesn't even cry while he sits there and he gave up binky when I told him to.

Brayden turns 2 next Friday and I still can't believe it!!


holding his head up at tummy time

our big cheeser

very handsome

Zander rolled over on Thanksgiving but not again since. He was close yesterday. He holds his head up very high while on his tummy and has gotten even more giggly. Although not many people seem to witness it but me. . . I guess I'm just funny looking :)

Yesterday there was a point that I was holding both boys and Zander laughed.  I pointed it out to Brayden so he looked at Zander and laughed, which made Zander laugh at Brayden.  It went back and forth a couple times. Those are the best mommy moments! My pay days :)

Zander's sleeping reverted back to waking up once or twice every night after he got sick the first time and is still crazy. I just don't have the heart to make him cry it out while he's sick, but you better believe that we will sleep train him when I know he's better. I just need my sleep. And I do believe that they need their sleep and it's good for them to get on an all night schedule. So, it's not all selfish.

We'll take both boys to the doctor next week and have some stats to report.

The first round of the cold was hardest on me, but went away fairly quickly for everyone else. The next round was the longest lasting cold I've ever heard of. Brayden was full on sick for a week and a half and then it started to die down a bit and finally went away. Zander only sounded sick for a couple of days and Preston and I were more mildly sick than Brayden but for the same amount of time. Then Preston picked something new up and just spread that to Brayden the day after Thanksgiving. Once Brayden got it, everyone else did too. He's not so good at containing germs yet. We felt bad for Kim, Trip, Makaila and Chris and Kathy who all got it too.  This time, Brayden has a pretty nasty nose, but I feel worst for Zander who can't breath laying down and thus can't sleep well. We've propped him up on a pillow which helps, but he won't sleep that long on his back for some reason. He's starting to get better as of today. YAY! I think we've had our fair share of sick, so maybe now we can enjoy our Christmas holiday with staying healthy.

I already talked some about the trip to Disney. But then we went back to Orlando for the conference. It was fun, but I did have that lonely single-mom feeling a couple days.  Preston was busy at the conference all day long. He left before we woke up every day and came home late every night. One night he didn't get home until 11:30. It wasn't exactly like I imagined the trip going. . . but I did make the most of it and was much happier being stranded there than here at home! I got to see Angela Durtschi, who moved out of the ward in May. She came to the conference with her husband and brought me lunch one day. So nice! Then I went to the pool with the boys (pictures in previous post). And Friday Preston took a half day off to go to Animal Kingdom with us. It was lots of fun! We needed a little more time, but it was fun. I was slightly annoyed that Preston told me about a dinner that he wanted to go to that night about 2 hours before we'd have to leave for it, but only because I was looking forward to the evening together. It wasn't nearly as bad as him telling me Saturday afternoon that we needed to leave soon because we had a house guest for the weekend. Apparently he knew about it a while in advance but just forgot to mention it until he was almost at our house. We were hanging out with one of our friends from BYU who was at the conference as well, so we actually didn't get out until late and got home at midnight. Poor Nate was here since about 3 or 4. I love my Preston, but he really has issues with sharing schedules.

Our trip to Ohio was different than I imagined as well. I think that Trip and Chris spent as much (or more) time in the kitchen as they did hangin out with us. Which made for some very yummy dinners and desserts, but not as much games and talking as I had imagined. Don't get me wrong, we had lots of fun and would definitely go again! Plus, I got to meet my new niece Makaila! Even when I have a baby of my own, holding her was so much fun! She has "scary eyes" because their so big all the time. She's just taking in the world around her.  She's also slightly bigger than Zander who is 2 weeks older! I think Zander's growth has slowed down a bit, but he's still a good sized boy.  Makaila's quite the big cute girl! Makaila was blessed in an LDS sacrament meeting while we were there, so Preston got to help out with that. It was good to be there! We got home about 3 am on Monday and jumped right back into life.

Ah, that feels good to just get everything written down. I've been building up on stressful "to-do's" and was having quite a hard time today, but I feel much better and am now ready to go tackle a few more things!