Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crib Buddies, new decor, and life in general

I believe it was last Sunday that we heard Zander wake up from his nap and then heard Brayden talking to him, so I went in expecting to see Brayden at Zander's crib, but instead I found him in Zander's crib! Shortly before that he was asking for help in the crib when I took these pictures. He's climbed in several times now. Kinda scary. . . but so far ok. We can usually tell.

 As Brayden is so nicely pointing out, we decorated their room with some clouds. We also put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling :)
Love being outside while Mum mum Works in the yard

 Brayden likes trying out all the baby things. He's even chewing his fingers and sometimes toys...

Through the legs! He likes to say "Mum mum legs" so the train will go under my legs :)
 Gotta love photo booth :) Brayden thinks it's hilarious. He wanted his face to get distorted and kept saying "again. again."

trying to get distorted...