Saturday, June 7, 2014

Family Fun Day!

Today was fun, exhausting and exciting. We had a stake annual Family Fun Day that started with a "parade" from the stake center to a park where there was free bouncy houses, Popsicles, snow cones, popcorn, ice cream bars, hot dogs, face painting, crafts, rocket making and shooting, a waterside and so much more. I heard about it last year but we had missed it cuz we were still in Florida. I was impressed. It was huge!!!

The kids had a blast and stayed the entire day until they were cleaning up at 2 and then wanted to walk all the way back home. Ah to have endless energy ;) luckily they have an awesome daddy who walked with them while I drove alongside.  

For the parade, I made the boy's bikes look like horses and they dressed as little cowboys. It was pretty cute!! 

After all that, we came home and did some chores then made cookies, had dinner and then a bath. The kids are now in bed and pooped I'm sure ;) 

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